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Week #52 / 24 Dec: Happy Holidays! - 2017 Weekly Ink Project


Monthly themes of ink combinations for next year?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Please choose the themes that look interesting to you and you're willing to participate in.

    • Complementary Colours
    • Doppelgängers (Look alike inks)
    • Dark vs Light
    • Warm vs Cold
    • Similar Names (inks with similar names)
    • Same Brand (inks from the same brand)
    • Perfect Match (Inks that you think look great together)
    • Seasonal combo: spring/autumn (I put the two together considering difference in northern and southern hemispheres)
    • Seasonal combo: summer/winter
    • Geographic combo (ink combos that reflect a continent, a country, a city...)
    • Ink Feast (ink combos that look like food)
    • Clash of the Colours (Two colours that so do NOT look good together)
    • My Favourites (2+ inks you really love)
    • I Can't Decide (inks of the same general color where you can't decide which one you like best)
    • You Suck (inks you own but don't really like much)
    • nib-focus: ef / f (inks that look best in a finer nib)
    • nib-focus: broad / stub (inks that look best in a fat nib)
    • Hangin' in the shade (inks that shade)
    • Sheen^n (multiple inks that sheen)
    • Shimmer-fest (multiple inks that shimmer)
    • Good ink! (inks that are well-behaved on cheap paper)
    • Bad ink! (inks that behave poorly even on good paper)
    • Go team! (inks close to the colors of your favorite sports (or other?) team)
    • What I'm Reading (inks close to the cover colors of the book you're reading)
    • Coordin-ink-tion (fill your pens with inks that match the pen color)
  2. 2. (continued)

    • Alphabet soup (Two inks with names that have no overlapping letters)
    • Inspired by You (inks you've seen others used in the last month)
    • Colours of Nature (ink combos that show part of the nature: sea, mountain, snow, grass, etc.)
    • Other suggestions: in comments
    • Not any of these.

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Later today I'm gonna count the votes and pick next year's 12 themes, and randomly sort them to the months. I'll create a new thread when I'm done!


:thumbup: Hooray! (I've been trying to decide what ink to use, and need help. :blush: )

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:thumbup: Hooray! (I've been trying to decide what ink to use, and need help. :blush: )


The introductory post is up, Liz!




I'll be creating the January thread tomorrow. Have fun!

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