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Stuck Piston Knob On My Mb 146..


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Hey guys,

I'm close to killing myself due to my piston knob being stuck. I wanted to refill my Meisterstück 146 fountain pen today and instead of activating the drawing mechanism by turning the knob, I removed the piston completely and thereby found out that the drawing mechanism is somehow stuck. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. My life is in your hands.

suicidal mb-user from Germany


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Use two rubber sheets for grip. With one hand grip the brass part, with the other hand, grip the conical knob and give a sharp twist counterclockwise.

In case you wish to write to me, pls use ONLY email by clicking here. I do not check PMs. Thank you.

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The most sensible option is to use the excellent MB service program, perfect results for not a lot of money and if they break it then its their problem.


If you want to do it yourself then I would suggest a warm pen bath for an hour or so, dry it off throughly and then follow Hari;s advice and use something grippy, some people use washing up gloves or a bicycle inner tube, or even ask someone to hold the pen whilst you grip and turn. I never use pliers.


If that doesnt work then look at something like a penetrating lubricating spray, Lidl sell something suitable or WD 40.


Personally, I would go the MB service route, especially as you are in Germany.

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I answered your question on the other forum so I'm not going to repeat myself here. On the other forum I didn't know you were in Germany.


Send it to Montblanc for a level one service is the best advice now. :)

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Drop it in a cup of hot water. [drinkable hot coffee temperature] for an hour.


Really? Black, or with cream and sugar?


Sorry, I couldn't resist. I wouldn't do that. But I would suggest that the grip knobs need to be tightened just to where it stops, not tight.


What I would assume has happened is that it was tightened too tight after being filled and the grip knob is stuck on the brass thread bushing, so the bushing unscrewed as the knob was turned back. Warming gently over a hair dryer (warming, not heating) and then gripping the brass and the knob with a grippy pad and turning CCW should loosen it. The challenge though will be inserting the piston mechanism into the barrel and getting it snug again without damaging it if you don't have a spanner to fit in the notches. The piston seal should be lubricated again before you put it back in the pen.


If you aren't mechanically inclined, MB service, or a good pen mechanic would be a wise choice. This resin can be brittle, and can not be solvent welded.

Visit Main Street Pens
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Please use email, not a PM for repair and pen purchase inquiries.

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I agree with other comments I have had exactly the same problem with a 146

It should undo easily using a bit of rubber

It then needs a bit of a service ie. cleaning threads under knob and a little silicone grease on piston

you then need a special tool to tighten the brass piston housing back in place.

Shame you are not in UK, I would have gladly fixed and serviced piston for you


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If you have a piston removal tool, you may be able to use it upside-down (ie. from underneath) to hold the brass section, while turning the knob with a rubber grip?

I, also would avoid the use of pliers. Hopefully, this is an easy fix.


Once it's free, you could work the knob back and forth, to make sure the threads are good - I'd agree with Ron Z's assumption:




What I would assume has happened is that it was tightened too tight after being filled and the grip knob is stuck on the brass thread bushing,


Good luck.

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