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Diamine Red Dragon For Pilot Con-70?


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Hi, friends.



I've got my new Custom Urushi with astonishing vermilion finish.


It came with CON-70 converter, and I inked it up with Diamine Red Dragon which is one of my favorite red.



The problem is that, the combination of CON-70 and Red Dragon seems to not working well. Red Dragon makes an air burble in the converter about after I write a few sentences.


I tried an empty Pilot cartridge, but it doesn't help a lot. I think I should find more thinner ink rather than Diamine Red Dragon to use with CON-70. I don't consider other converters from Pilot because CON-20 uses exposed rubber sac, and CON-40 and CON-50 have so limited ink capacity.


I've already flushed both the pen and converter, but it barely helped.



Have you guys used this combination without any flow issue? If then, I'd buy another CON-70 to test it. If you have had some problems, I think I should find another ink with dark red color and thinner than Diamine Red Dragon.
Do you have any suggestion for my case?
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I have been using Diamine Red Dragon in my Pilot Metal Falcon, Con-70 converter, for several years; no issues at all.

me too

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