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Pelikan M200 Nib Tine Issue


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About three months ago I bought a brand new Pelikan M200 from Jet Pens. I hadn't used a fountain pen in a couple months and it was great to be back to using one.


From the get-go, however, the nib's tines seemed a little uneven. The pen is usable, but it can be a little scratchier than it should, the angle of its sweet spot is a little to one side, and the one tine is visibly higher than the other.


I was so stoked to be using a fountain pen again (my others were out for repairs at Fountain Pen Hospital in NYC) that I can't tell if the uneven tines have gotten worse or I just overlooked the issue when the pen was new. Needless to say, it's too late to send it back to Jet Pens. Besides, from what I read it sounds like a lot of fountain pens are said to have nib issues right out of the box, even Pelikan!


I got my vintage pens back and by comparison I'm definitely noticing the uneven tines on the Pelikan even more.


Should I buy a new nib as Pelikan nibs are easily swapped? I also live within an easy distance of the Fountain Pen Shop in Monrovia, California. Do any of you who've had experience with nib repairs there? (I'm a little leery as I had a weird experience there ten years ago trying to buy vintage pens said to be restored but none of which worked properly.) Should I send it out to one of the "nibmeisters" people speak so highly of on the internet? I had a Sailor repaired by Mike Masuyama once and he was great, but his prices and turnaround times seem like a bit much for as seemingly simple (or is it so simple?) an issue as uneven tines.


I've been using fountain pens since 2003, but haven't had many repair issues. Apologies if this is a total rookie question, but I'd appreciate any advice.



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Take the pen to Fred at the Fountain Pen Shop in Monrovia and I suspect he will be able to adjust it for you on the spot. Aligning nibs is a skill you should ultimately learn and there are several YouTube videos that offer instruction. One necessity is a 10X loupe.


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