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Quite New To Fountain Pens And Have Some Questions


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I used to do multi colored notes with my uni ball vision pens.

my friend showed me a stub pen and I absolutely love it. I cant go back to normal tips now. So i bought a lamy alstar with a 1.5 nib. I love it alot but I have a problem with it writing too big. I looked at amazon and got a nice 1.1 manuscript fountain pen. I think this one writes so much nicer and I can put more words in a page with this on. I tend to write for about 4-8 hours at a time small breaks every 2 hours but the manuscript really hurts my arm after writing with it for long periods of time. My lamy doesn't do that. plusthis pen hurts my finger as I hold the pen high.

So while I want to buy a bunch of multi colored lamy pens I found that some of the colors I like are the special edition and I don't plan on paying about 100$ to get them.

Do note one thing, I have used a jinhao x450 before I hold the pen too high and end up holding the nib. I saw the wing sung 6395 which is a lamy al star copy and that I can swap my lamy nibs into that pen. So I can buy a few 1.1mm and throw a small grind on them? I have yet to use the lamy 1.1 but I heard its basically round.

Does anyone else have some suggestions cause i'm all out of ideas, and I dont really know what else I can do without spending over 200$

I want the colors dark purple, a nice teal, dark red and finally a black. I'm looking at a orange and a green.

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welcome, and if you are into trying out all the Lamy Safari ( colors ) but wanting to as yet limit your budget , you should hop over to the Chinese Fountain Pen forum section here and that's where you will find us Chinese fountain pen users and collectors discuss all about them, The Safari copies are quite abundant amony several Chinese pen brand but also the Safari nib had mde it into many otherwise different models too and the color choice / filling system is certainly more than what Lamy done for theirs. You can even find Piston filling Demonstrator that take the Lamy nib ( I've got one myself, for hacking a Hero nib onto it )


As for the nibs, you might want to try out Lamy's B, BB at one time Lamy seems to offer also BBB but I am not sure if they still do

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Welcome home. Pull up a stump and set a spell. If you are near a club or show you can fondle lots of pens to see what you like.


My Website


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I don't have a vast wealth of experience, but an Edison stub (1.1) might be a good investment. It's slightly over your price point, but it's a smooth writer which does not fatigue the fingers or the wrist. And it writes more like a medium than a bold.

"Tea cleared my head and left me with no misapprehensions".

The Duke of Wellington




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Hello and welcome to FPN, from Cape Town, South Africa.

To sit at one's table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice white paper, and a [fountain] pen - that is true happiness!

- Winston Churchill

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I suggest you purchase a bunch of Noodler's Ahabs and fit them with the replacement size #6 nibs of your choice.

Ahabs retail for about $US23. Its feed is Ebonite, which means it's malleable which mean it's perfect for a nib replacement. Replacing a nib is a trivial undertaking you can perform yourself and, as a bonus, affords you the facility to alter the pen's writing characteristics.

Steel size #6 nibs in a variety of sizes can be obtained for $US5-$US10, depending upon where you acquire them.

So total spend ~$US28 - $US33 per pen. I'd suggest ordering an extra Ahab and leaving it unmodified with the flex nib it came fitted with, in order to experience the pleasure of flex writing.

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I don't have a vast wealth of experience, but an Edison stub (1.1) might be a good investment. It's slightly over your price point, but it's a smooth writer which does not fatigue the fingers or the wrist. And it writes more like a medium than a bold.

lol really out of my price range thats just one pen. Im looking to buy a few.

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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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Welcome! Lamy 1.1 is not round. It's an italic, and my daily writer. Not too wide for basic handwriting.

Grinding these to reduce the size would ruin them.

There are retailers who offer the italic option at no extra charge - TWD for one.

Also check the FPN Classified's for Safari.

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If you are comfortable using italic nibs but want a smaller line width (I think that's what you meant), then I suggest getting a Pilot Plumix, then you can swap the nib with any of the myriad of Chinese pens out there now that will take the nib (Lingmo Lorelei, many Wing Sung models available in several colors). I've found the nib width of the Plumix (0.8 to 0.9mm depending on ink flow), to be perfect for even smaller daily writing. If you don't mind the funky shape of the pen, it is available in purple and blue. If you are able to get one of the shorter Pluminix pens (I think they are hard to find in North America, but maybe Ebay could help), then there are even more colors, including a teal one. However, if you are set on a dark purple and dark teal pen, it sounds too me like you'll be limited to the Safari Dark Lilac and Petrol.


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