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Confession Of A Sinister Sider

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I confess not only to being left-handed having illegible handwriting and horrible printing for the last 70 years, since kindergarten, but also to using mild dyslexia and lack of coordination as an excusefor using typewriters and computers in the intervening years.


Now in impecunious retirement, I have decided it is time to learn calligraphy. Note, I do not say "try to learn" -- I say learn.


My first foray has been into using Pilot Parallel pens and basic and supposedly easy unembellished Gothic as seen on You-Tube. I also have discovered that I use over, under and side writing as a matter oc course, switching with what my eye and wrist need to complete a stroke. Very uncomfortable and less than fruitful on thick/thin relationships requiring re-angling the pen.


I have seen left handed calligraphy nib sets, and also found the Neil has someone grind ing Parallel Pens to left handed usability. But, being broke, allegedly retired, and owning a Dremel tool, as well as some fine grit finish emory paper, AND knowing that each left-hander may have need of a different cut angle because of grip and wrist I have decided to take matters into my own hands and head.


I can see that as an apprentice grinding my own Parallels might be affordable, however, I just do not know where to start. At which angle to put slant that would fit many lefties, including myself is the first question. I have the tools already paid for and can afford about one $10 a month pen to work on. Neil charges about $15 a pen plus shipping so I would otherwise have to go about 2 months between trying pens.


Can anyone suggest a starting angle and where to cut the Parallel Pens so I do the least damage and can cut deeper if needed?


And for the younger folks out there regarding the headline here - -- sinister was an old term for left handed people -- who were considered irregular, out of step and probably criminal in Olden Times. Those were the days before they learned about southpaw pitchers in the major leagues.


Gregg Chmara -- Looking for a perfect signature G.



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