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Anyone Know A Cheap Way To Get A #6 Stub Nib?

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Right now, the cheapest #6 stub nib is nemosine's is which is around 10 bucks.. So I wonder, does anyone else know a cheaper one? I just want to try out a stub nib..



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Plumix is a proprietary size.


OP, if you're okay with proprietary nibs, I can sell you a Dollar 717i pen with a stub (self-ground) for $10 shipped. I can do the same with a Jinhao x750 that I'll grind down, if you want. The Jinhaos use a #6. $12 shipped for the Jinhao.

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Fairly sure the Nemosine is the cheapest youll find - Id bet if you do find anything cheaper itll likely be poor quality and not representative of a good stub. Nemosine also offers a 0.6 and 0.8mm - less drastic than your usual 1.0/1.1 so less of a disappointment if you decide you dont love the line variation.


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If you want to try a hand-ground nib, fpnibs.com has the for 20 euros. I've never done business with them, but I hear they do top notch work. Otherwise they also have the untipped 1.1 and 1.5 nibs too.

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Some online pen shops carry Knox nibs in the 1.1 mm size for around $6.00. Not a great nib, but a good one. You can buy a $3.00 Noodler's nib and cut it with a pair of diagonal pliers to make a stub nib. Usually, need to round off the edges and corners with a stone to get it to work.


Would recommend trying the Goulet 1.1 mm nibs or the Nemosine. The quality in both nibs is better than most, as good as a custom stub in many cases. And if you get a poor nib, you won't really be trying a stub nib.


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I picked up a Nemosine re-entry stub and it needed some work to make reasonable. Also picked up a Goulet Jowo and it needed some work also. I would say roll the dice on a Monteverde. Those have been pretty good overall for me. Still needed some work, but a good stub.

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