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Birmingham Pen Company Blockhouse Sepia - A Quickie Review


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Hey, y'all. I just got a sample of Birmingham Pen Company's inks and thought I'd post a quick review of each - I'll try to get more in-depth further in the thread (other nibs, other papers). I can see already that I'll be getting more of these as I really like the aesthetic.


So far, these inks are just what I was hoping - subtle, muted, sort-of-industrial. The couple that I've tried (Blockhouse Sepia and Oxidized Brass) were well-behaved, barely showed on the other side of the page on Rhodia 80g (as that implies, zero bleed-through), and had slight-but-noticeable shading. Both were workplace-friendly. The Oxidized Brass is probably my new go-to blue-black, and this sepia is pretty great - as you can see in the attached, it's not as chalky and flat as Sepia Black but not as vivid-chocolate-brown as the Pelikan Brown or Diamine Ancient Copper.



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Like anything else, I suppose, it's different in different pens. Definitely a keeper - though I think most workplace-friendly in a wet pen that is going to lay down a darker line...


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Do you know if these inks are only available to buy online via their own web site, or, are they also available elsewhere?

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