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Dromgoole's Podcast Episode 1


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Hey guys, for those of you who do not know me, I am Michael Dromgoole. I am the 4th generation future owner here at Dromgoole's. We are starting a podcast that showcases new product, interviews reps and customers, and we have some other cool stuff up our sleeve. Please enjoy, and feel free to give me feedback in any form possible. I appreciate you watching and hope to see you back in the future!


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Thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any detailed feedback I would love to hear it!

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Thank you, this is a wonderful podcast!


It is especially nice to see the legacy of the shop with your dad!


Detailed feedback:


I really liked the presentation of the first pen, inside the wooden tray with a white lining, it looked very classy.


The other pens. shown in front of the white background, didn't seem as classy, even if they were more expensive.


I love the store as the background, it is really beautiful.


However, the background sound of a working business is a bit distracting. Consider, if possible, filming before or after business hours.


Be mindful of scratching your nose or head while on air, I understand it is the first podcast and it was quite long.


In the future,consider a brief introduction of the podcast theme in a wide angle similar to today's whole podcast, then a close up of the product(s) or the person interviewed with you on voice over, then back on wide angle to conclude the podcast.



Back to fountain pen, stationery, local store enthusiast mode.


Please consider giving us a tour of the store, introduction of the people working there, historical pictures of the store and your family...


And more introduction of new products, in the wooden pen tray, demonstration of products and technique with guests hosts: distributors (like today), manufacturers, local pen enthusiasts, calligraphers, letter writing experts...


In short, showing people using the items you sell in a fun manner.



Thank you for showing your lovely store to people all over the world!



I don't know about other FPNers, but I was worried about you guys, when the storm hit.

Edited by Anne-Sophie

Is it fair for an intelligent and family oriented mammal to be separated from his/her family and spend his/her life starved in a concrete jail?

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Yes, like Anne-Sophie, I worried about Dromgooles and my cousin who is on the faculty at Rice U., when the huge storm hit the Houston area. In fact, I worried about Dromgooles first, even though I have never visited Houston ever.!!!!!:):)


Oh, Michael, did the police manage to catch the guy who stole some expensive pens from your store a while back?

Thank you.

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I've had the pleasure of being in your store a few times when in Houston on business, though not during the last several years. I was really happy to hear you avoided damage from the floods. I hope I'll have a chance to get back there soon.


Loved the Podcast! My only suggestion is Michael, please look at the camera once in a while (or better yet all the time) when you talk. I can count on one hand the number of times I felt eye contact with you, and prior to the interview with Ryan I could count them on one finger. Check out an interview of any practiced interviewee on any TV show and you'll see the eye contact is virtually constant, occassionally with the interviewer but mostly with the viewers.


Great start, and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

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Thanks everybody for the tremendous feedback! For everyone that enjoyed it, I'm glad to hear it and please continue to watch in the weeks to come. I am going to take all of your suggestions into place going forward. I meant to kind of talk about some of the problems I noticed in my little conclusion section, but just forgot to, for example the background noise. I am also going to work on my personal interview skills because I have not always been the best at that! As for the future I have already planned on doing a tour of the store, and will go more into the history of it as time goes on! I am going to try to do videos like this on a weekly basis and will also have smaller clips about new products in between that are closer to five minute videos. Also thank you for everybody's concern in regards to the hurricane, we were very fortunate not to have water come in at the store and personally. Once again I appreciate everybody's responses and will continue to monitor the posts for more feedback!

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