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I can't talk so much about this topic rather than puting pictures contain ....

-Mechanical pencil

-4 color mechanical ballpoin pen

-Fine point pen

With imprinted (Solid) germany on the clip.

Hopfully to find with you some informations about the history of this brand name


Thank you for help


2017-11-19 12.01.13.jpg

2017-11-19 12.05.32.jpg

2017-11-19 12.08.40.jpg

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I too have a solid pen. It's a four color pen. The color on top will come out when the pin is pressed.

I don't even know where I got this. Must have been in the 80s.

I'll see if I can find something about Solid.




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Thank you Astron, this the same what happened with me during google search...which means that (Solid Pen) is super rare today, so it's a good point

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Hola everyone!

I´m a newbie here!

I´m a Costarrican but currently I live in México!

When living in Costa Rica, around 1995, my mom bought me my first fountain pen.

It was one of the cheaper ones, and it has worked so perfect all of this years.

It uses cartridges (international standard), has a plastic body and alumminum cap, clip and nib.

I don´t know anything else, but I can say they are really well made.

(Sorry for the bad photos!)






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