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J Herbin Ambre De Birmanie - Compact Review


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Lovely review. Thank you. You show off the color very well. Every time I use it I am re-shocked at how legible it is. I always worry that it will be too light but it's not.

Yet another Sarah.

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Interesting color! I am a bit leery of yellowish inks, but this one seems a little bit less bright, which is good.




Using right now:

Marlen M10 Lux "M" nib running Diamine Firefly

Cross 175th Anniversary"F" nib running Narwhal Carmel Sea Blue

Diplomat Excellence A2 "EF" nib running Jacques Herbin Caroube de Chipre


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Thank you!

It shows shading and in writing I would call it light brown, instead of yellow.

Of course a nib which is wet makes the appearance darker.

I admit, the color was a nice surprise for me too :-)

The chromo shows a nice warm and soft orange at the start and then just yellow and brown.

More inks of J. Herbin are on the way...



So many inks, so little time....

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