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Can Anyone Help Me Verify


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This was passed on to me from a friend, Im not sure if its authentic?
The code engraved on the pen is a number and with Germany on the other side.
I looked inside the pin it doesnt have PIX logo.

Thanks in advance




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PER OP request, Amber removed the serial number.
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Thanks. :)


It now looks more like a Classic sized Meisterstück rollerball, but because the top cone obviously unscrewed easily, :o and I'm not sure if the refill is authentic, I'm going to pass on authenticity and let others have a go. :(


One positive thing is that the serial number doesn't show up on Google....

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Ok thank you, I replaced the refill at a sears , not sure about the pen itself.


Did it come with it's top cone unscrewed? It's not something that should really be unscrewed as a matter of course.


If that's an authentic Montblanc refill from an AD that sells authentic Montblanc items, and it fits into your pen, then that's a good plus point towards authenticity. I find it impossible to be 100% accurate with this particular model, but nothing I've seen shouts fake at me.

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my main concern is the pin without the PIX logo because i think most pens have it?

yes i was able to unscrew easily and the refill fits perfect :)


thank you for your help

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