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I purchased a beautiful Cedar Blue Parker 51 vacumatic a couple years ago and it quickly became my favorite fountain pen to use. I have always been a Parker fan (my father was a salesman for Eli Lilly and always carried an olive Jotter with the company logo engraved in red). Recently I have started collecting Parker fountain pens and now have four 45s, a 61, a 21, two Arrows, a Frontier, and several "end of day" Vectors. My grail pen is a working green Vacumatic.


I am looking for a list of the Parker models in order of release and the time frame each was produced. I have not been able to find any similar list. Can anyone point me in the right direction?






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Parkerpens.net is a fabulous and comprehensive site with details on each model and years of production. Listed in alphabetic order though not by date.

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