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Enjoying Montblanc Pens — Broad, Oblique, Extra Fine, Le & Bespoke

Tom Kellie

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Here are my Montblanc OB and EF pens.




The EF has a slight architect point which gives some subtle line variation in an extra fine line which I really enjoy.



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One of the things I’d like to point out how many of us are USING at least one fountain pen older than we are. In my case it’s a family Waterman that’s lasted since WWII, albeit with a serious overhaul and sac replacement from Main Street Pens here in the US. Tom’s pen is another example.


Contrary to the myth of fragility, with simple maintenance, these pens will long outlast us. Let me encourage readers to haul these beauties out of drawers, collection cases, and safes and USE them. My Skeletons are daily users, will be daily users, and that’s why I scooped up my collection which was rarely seeing use due to over abundance and used the proceeds to buy the pens AND NIBS I always wanted.


These are writing instruments. Go forth and WRITE!

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Do try the larger obliques. Simply allow the nib to find its sweet spot on the page. Close your fingers around it and write. It really is that simple.


Thank you for the tip. :)

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Vintage temptations. I think I’d decant one of the inks first.



~ Without tannins, cork sediment or any hint of oak, a fine ink may be savored at leisure.

Unlike vinous aftertaste, ink hues last long after frail memory fades.

Tom K.

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