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One Of The Coolest Patterns Ever

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Too bad most of the FPN folks won't look in this forum to see this. Their loss!


Macniven & Cameron, Made in Great Britain, Waverly Series No P 5


This is a casein pen (based on smell while I sanded it down to restore the color and finish). Small pen, 4 1/2 inches capped, posts to a nice usable 5 5/8 size. It came to me in a sorry state with a bent nib, barrel thread crack (now sleeved internally), and very dark, brown and crackly on the surface.


I was just so drawn to the pattern I had to buy it and put in some work to restore it!


Unfortunately, I know nothing about the brand, history, or other models they might have produced.


fpn_1508899306__waverly_01.jpg fpn_1508899316__waverly_02.jpg


fpn_1508899331__waverly_04.jpg fpn_1508899323__waverly_03.jpg

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This says something about the power of hype, when knowledgeable pen collectors know nothing of a brand that produced pens that were of similar quality to the likes of Conway, Wyvern, Curzon, etc. The M&C pens are well worth seeking out, and because of the lack of hype they tend to sell cheaply on the bay.


I will try and extract some information on the brand later today, from Stephen Hull's bible on English Pen Manufacturers.

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A very elegant pen indeed.

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I love casein and possess quite a number of casein pens. This is the most outstanding casein pen I have ever seen!!!!


Thank you very much for sharing this with us. Lucky you!


I am sorry I cannot help with some informations on this brand.



SUPORTER OF http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/100x75q90/631/uh2SgO.jpg


My avatar is a painting by the imense surrealist painter Remedios Varo

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That's a very beautiful pen, one I haven't seen before. Macniven and Cameron made a full range of pens from cheap squeeze fillers to top of the range Duofold look-alikes in lapis lazuli. Many sported their famous gold leaf-shaped nibs. These are invariably splendid writers, some flexible. Some later ones were made on their behalf by Burnham.



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I did it by accident on the initial post. I asked for one of them to be deleted, but it didn't happen. I only have admin privileges on the Mabie Todd forum. They can be merged as well.

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I cant atop staring at the pen. Its really something stunning! Congrats to you :)

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Quite nice. Looks like jewelery work on first sight.

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