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What Ink Does The Platinum Preppy Come With?


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I really like the ink that came with my violet Preppy. It writes so smooth with zero feathering even on the cheapest paper and dries pretty quick. Honestly, it behaves almost like I'd expect a gel pen to. I was wondering exactly what ink it is so I could try it in my TWSBI Eco and Noodler's Konrad.


Fairly certain that this is the same as what came with my preppy:


Which is dye-based.


So would any dye-based Platinum ink perform the same? i.e. Is the above cartridge the same ink that comes in this bottle:


and would the following perform similarly:



Anyone know if Platinum's iron-gall



Or pigment-based



Handle the same?

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The cartridges are what I'd expect to find in a Preppy. But as far as I know, those are all different inks, which cannot be counted upon to behave identically. Iron gall and pigment inks are often quite different from dye-based inks, usually showing far less spread or feathering, and far more water resistance.

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