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Bunshodo Vintage Japanese Eyedropper Pen


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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know anything about this pen, it does not show up on the Japanese pens list. It's a Japanese eyedropper with Bunshodo Pen stamped on the barrel. The nib says Stenographer, in the world, pointed hardest, Platinum <15>. Interestingly the nib says Platinum, is this an old Platinum pen? Or just the nib? The clip looks like an old Pilot clip but is not stamped Pilot. This is a good size pen as compared to my Sailor Pro-Gear. Any information would be appreciated.





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It's a 1940ish eyedropper. One of many. Bunshodo does not ring any bells. You might post on one of the several Japan-based blogs.


A number of years ago I saw an extensive collection of Japanese logos online. Might be worth a few days effort looking through them. Long shot hope.


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