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L'artisan Pastellier Violet

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L’Artisan Pastellier is french ink / calligraphy materials producers. They offer two lines of inks suitable for fountain pens: Callifolio (inks made for fountain pens, neutral PH and so on) and Encres Classiques.


L’Artisan Pastellier inks don’t get much love or attention here. I understand this as they’re not easily obtainable. You may buy them directly from the producer’s on-line/stationery boutique.

L’Artisan Pastellier inks cab be bought in nice triangular glass bottles (40 ml), packs alu (60 ml) and small bottles (30 ml).


Violet is one of my favorite Callifolio inks. It wasn't the case since the beginning of our acqauintance but with time I started to appreciate it. As I received a sample from new batch (and there are always at least slight differences between the batches) I'll rereview it. The ink behaves very well although it has to be noted that it's a bit more difficult to clean from the pen than other Callifolio inks. It won't cause any issues some Noodler's or Private Reserve ink cause but it took me some time to fully clean my white Kaweco Classic Sport. I didn't try it in demonstrator pen so I have no idea if it would color the body permanently. I doubt but I won't promise that's the case.

The ink isn't strongly saturated - naturally, in wet pens the line will be quite strong, but the ink remains easy on the eyes. It doesn't pop out of the page. It has some sheen (mainly on Tomoe River paper) and some degree of water resistance.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Color ID


Color range


Field Notes, Kaweco Classic Sport, BB



Midori, Kaweco Classic Sport, BB




Maruman, Kaweco Classic Sport, BB



Tomoe river, Kaweco Classic Sport, BB



Water resistance

(after 50-60 seconds of soaking)


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This is also one of my favorites from the Callifolio line, but I think your concerns about ease of cleaning are unfortunately well-founded.


I haven't had it stain a demonstrator (I rotate inks fairly frequently, so I rarely have major staining issues), but I've recently moved all of my Callifolio inks into new bottles, and the one which housed Violet previously was heavily coated in purple after a rinsing. In comparison, every other Callifolio ink I had cleaned out perfectly with just running water. In the end, some dish soap, vigorous shaking, and wiping with a paper towel was sufficient to clean out the glass bottle, but the eyedropper (also glass) that was built into the cap is permanently stained purple, as I don't have any tools to wipe the inside of the eyedropper. For reference, the ink had resided in that bottle for slightly over a year. So, to err on the side of caution, I'll reserve this ink for pens that are easily disassembled and cleaned.


Pictured below: the neck of the bottle, where I didn't clean very thoroughly, is still slightly stained; the eyedropper, which I couldn't clean, is very heavily stained (the bottle was in a similar state before cleaning).


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That's quite a nice color. It being difficult to clean is a problem as that limits the pens I would use, but still it's good to see a nice color. btw, in the US it's quite easy to obtain the Callifolio inks from Vanness.

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