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Pilot Falcon Feed

Pen Engineer

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At the moment I am writing an article on the function of flex nibs. Trying to explain why fps still write after the front of the flex nib has lifted off the feed I realised that I am making too many assumptions (I have some ideas :rolleyes: ). I am using a Pilot Falcon as an example because I have some overall photos and I like its nib.


In order to understand the function of a flex nib combined with a Pilot Falcon I would need some photos of the feed only... or if someone has a spare one (just the feed)... it does not need to function, only the front end needs to be undamaged... to have it in my hands.


Another possibility would be photos of any other WORKING flex nib - feed combination with photos of the feed by itself. B)





with kindness...


Amadeus W.

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