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Blackstone Cmyk Inks - Black


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This post rounds out my review of the newest four inks to be commercially released by Blackstone Inks - a 4-pack of mixable "primary" colours.


Black is the least interesting of the lot - for the obvious reason that it's black. It doesn't have any "special" qualities such as waterproofness - it's designed to mix with the other inks in the range, rather than to serve as a stand-alone ink.


That said, this is a very "honest", well-performing ink. It's a "pure" black that washes out to produce a grey colour, and (depending on the pen) tends to dry as a "grey-black" rather than a straight black.


I wouldn't have bought this ink if it wasn't part of the package - I already have another 3 bottles of black, at least! - but it's actually pretty good in its own right. In a wet enough pen (my Pilot Metropolitan seems to qualify), and on a coated-surface paper like Rhodia, I managed to get an almost pure black patch of ink with "shiny" (not sheeny) finish.


Not bothering with the photo this time, just the scan:



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A couple of photos, to show the "shine" you get when you lay this ink down thick on Rhodia paper.


Front-on shot (of all 4 inks, with Sydney Harbour Blue in between them):




Angled shot to capture the "shine" off the surface of the black ink:




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OOOHHHHH Black with Sheeen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

I wouldn't say sheen, exactly - the ink itself is black,but has a "glossy" finish on this paper that causes it to reflect light, hence my description as "shiny"...

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