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Old Pelikano


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Back when I was in grade 8, I used to own a Pelikano. Unfortunately I was quite naive back then and one by one lost quite a few fountain pens or lost them to class thieves, but of all my memories the P450 was to me the best of the best. I still remember to this day that when my Pelikano got stolen I was in tears and although they were not the first tears for a lost fountain pen, they were the most significant ones. Although it was just 3-5$ back in the day I assume it will be much more expensive if I come across any anymore. I have been off these forums for ages, so am really not up to the mark but would love it if anyone could point me to anyone who still sells them i.e the Pelikano P450 2000-2003 year model.


I would even be willing to give sacrifice a Black Pilot Metropolitan (with box very sparingly used bought from UAE) or be willing to PIF it on your behalf if anyone would want to part with one or two of their Pelikano P450's in exchange.


Looking forward to your help friends :)

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I totally empathize. When I was in 8th grade, my very popular class mate Lutz had the red Pelikano, he was the lucky son of the local stationers. I had to make do with a cheaper equivalent. I never had a Pelikano, but to this day it remains the gold standard of a workhorse pen for me.

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I have three or four and have given them away as gifts (most recently to my 7 yo granddaughter). I have a variety of journals for different purposes (one in the bathroom for vital statistics in the am, one for my koi pond, tracking things like water quality, feeding/medication regimes, fish growth/health/medications, etc.)


I always leave a pen with these journals and it is most often a Pelikano. (sometimes a 120, or a 140) The Pelikano is always ready to write, never dries out and works well in tight spaces or under less than ideal circumstances (side of the pond etc),. A pen to withstand the rigors of a youth learning to write is always going to be able o handle whatever I can dish out.


I use the quiver pen holder to keep a pen handy with the journals.

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I don't have any leads on the Pelikano outside of the usual sources like eBay but wish you the best of luck tracking one down. They really are great writers.

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      I have the Sailor Naginata and some fancy blade nibs coming after 2022 by a number of new workshop from China.  With all my respect, IMHO, they are all (bleep) in doing chinese characters.  Go use a bush, or at least a bush pen. 
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      It is the reason why I'm so keen on the idea of a personal library — of pens, nibs, inks, paper products, etc. — and spent so much money, as well as time and effort, to “build” it for myself (because I can't simply remember everything, especially as I'm getting older fast) and my wife, so that we can “know”; and, instead of just disposing of what displeased us, or even just not good enough to be “given the time of day” against competition from >500 other pens and >500 other inks for our at
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      Agreed.  And I think it’s good to be aware of this early on and think about at the point of buying rather than rationalizing a purchase..
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      Alas, one cannot know “good” without some idea of “bad” against which to contrast; and, as one of my former bosses (back when I was in my twenties) used to say, “on the scale of good to bad…”, it's a spectrum, not a dichotomy. Whereas subjectively acceptable (or tolerable) and unacceptable may well be a dichotomy to someone, and finding whether the threshold or cusp between them lies takes experiencing many degrees of less-than-ideal, especially if the decision is somehow influenced by factors o
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      I got my first real fountain pen on my 60th birthday and many hundreds of pens later I’ve often thought of what I should’ve known in the beginning. I have many pens, the majority of which have some objectionable feature. If they are too delicate, or can’t be posted, or they are too precious to face losing , still they are users, but only in very limited environments..  I have a big disliking for pens that have the cap jump into the air and fly off. I object to Pens that dry out, or leave blobs o
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