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Pilot Metal Falcon(Elabo) Burgundy Sf First Impression


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Hey There!!! ;)
Today I am going to review my Pilot Metal Falcon(SF Nib).

Preface :rolleyes:
Initially I have thought of Resin body, but after going through some review(Both FPN and YouTube), I have decided to buy metal version.
I have bought this pen from ebay(Seller: e_sell_jp).

Price : $187
Shipping : $16(EMS Speed Post)
Custom Duty(India) : $34
Total: $237

It took 10 days to reach. I was worried about custom duty, but the duty was nominal. May be the reason is, Seller marked this item as gift:D

The pen comes with a Box, Pilot Cartridge(black), and a CON 70 converter!!! :yikes:

Look And Fill :o

This pen is well maid. This is a metal body pen with shiny burgundy color with the contrast of chromium trim. The top of the pen cap along with the clip is shiny chromium color. Same as the border of the cap and bottom of the pen. Pen section is also metal with shiny black color. Like pen body, the section also has some chromium ring. Overall I like this look.
As a metal pen it is little bit heavy, but I have no issues with that. I can use the pen even posted. The pen clip is little bit hard, but not too hard to be clipped in pocket.

Ink Filling System :)

This pen has cartridge/converter ink filling system. Unlike resin body, this support CON 70 converter. Currently I am using the cartridge. So I can say about the converter as of now. I hope the converter will also work as expected.
I guess this pen cannot suitable for eyedropper, as it is made of metal.

Nib Performance :wub:
Primary reason for buying this pen is the unique nib. This 14Kt gold nib has a flex on it. You can get a decent line variation with this. But as a semi flex nib, it draws lot of ink. So if you have to choose paper carefully. Regarding smoothness, I do not have any issue. It has pleasant feedback.

Overall I like this pen a lot. This has become one of my favorite pen.

PS: I did not upload the picture and measurement details as they are available in internet.
Sorry for my bad English.
This is my first review.

Edited by Deep_Adhikary

"Everything comes to us that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it"

-Rabindranath Tagore

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Thank you for the review.

It's a fantastic workhorse and I'm sure you will have many years of joy with it.

I know there are loads of photos out there but I am always curious to see member's pens being used and would love to see yours with some writing or something :)

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Nive review. I love mine too (with a sef nib). Always performs flawlessly. Mine has a looot of feedback (it is very very very fine line) but it is not at all scratchy. It is one of my favourite nibs and fountain pens in general.

I would also like to see some fotos of your pen and your handwriting! Enjoy your pen!

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