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Az Central Valley Groups?


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Hey y'all!


Are there any fountain pen clubs, groups, meetings, or events in Arizona that y'all know about? Preferably the central valley? Thanks!

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Sorry I missed this post earlier, but yes. Desert Pen Collectors had our fall kick off meeting yesterday the 23rd. Next meeting is Nov 4 at 10 AM, location TBD. Watch here. We are a new but growing group in Phoenix, but hoping to bring some folks in from surrounding areas.


Look forward to meeting you at our next get together.


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We open our doors for collectors, enthusiasts, and hobbyists every month and host a get together. Food, snacks, and sodas are provided. We don't do any business during the meet up, rather just allow people to talk pens and inks. Trade as they will and generally have a place to sit down with like minded people. Next month will be our 1 year anniversary of the pen meet up. Our dates are below, they are all Saturdays and the get together starts at 4pm and we wrap up at 7pm.


October 21st

November 18th

December 9th

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Thanks! That sounds awesome! I'll have to convince my wife that I really "need" to go! haha

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