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Blackstone Boronia Brown


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It seems Blackstone inks are a product of FPN - their origin can be traced back to 2013 when some of ink-testers (Amberlea minions) started discussng powdered inks. Soon after many of us had a chance to review / try the original SuSeMai powdered inks. The powders are gone but in the meantime they evolved into Blackstone ink concentrates and recently the line called Colours of Australia was created (based on those concentrates).

Recently new colors were added to Blackstone lineup. Mishka from BureauDirect sent me samples. Thank you :)


Boronia Brown is least saturated Blackstone ink. It doesn't look bad but it lacks charisma.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Color ID


Color range


Oxford, Jinhao 866, medium



Copy paper, Jinhao 866, medium




Midori, Jinhao 866, medium nib




Water resistance


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Looks like it has nice shading, but I think I'll stick with KWZ Honey and Cappuccino for this kind of color. Thanks for the review.

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Although I "kind of" like this color I think that with all of the colors that are currently available we may be approaching diminishing returns when it comes to some new colors.


It seems that the incremental differences between many colors in real-time writing may be discernible to fewer and fewer people. Also the actual visual presentation may be much more dependent on the nib size and paper used to show noticeable differences.

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I thought this one would be more water resistant. Thanks for the shout out Vis!

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