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Montblanc Greta Garbo Box :d


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Hello ,guys !

I am new to the forum ,just purchase my first montblanc for myself ,I have bought a 145 for my friend as a gift for doing the surgery on my mom ! So I am digging the montblanc,

I have bought the Greta(mint condition) but is missing the box that it came though .I still have to wait for the pen to arrive. I am looking for the box in new or pristine or mint condition.Of course I will pay for it ,reasonable prices of course .I really wanted a nice pen .Since I bought the pen for my friend I fell in love with the pen.

Hopefully some of you guys have a box that is just laying around !!

Thank you very much for your time !!!

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Hello and welcome to FPN. :W2FPN:


There are many counterfeit Montblanc Greta Garbo pens around that are usually sold without boxes. The 145 is also a commonly counterfeited pen. I hope you will be fortunate enough to have bought authentic ones.


If you bought them from a Montblanc boutique you should be safe enough, but not having a box for a Greta Garbo sounds bad.


The very first identifier to look for is that the authentic Greta Garbo always comes with a heart shaped hole in the nib and that it matches the images on the Montblanc web-site in every small detail.

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By the way, buying or selling directly within the Montblanc forum isn't allowed. Fountain Pen Network does have a classifieds section, but you need to be here a month and have 25 posts to be able to post a classified advertisement.


The biggest source of MB boxes I know of is eBay.

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