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Wing Sun 3003 Demonstrator


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The cap is just push on with a dull thumping clic ; mine stay in the office and it get used everyday , so far no drying out issue for mine but since I used it frequent I cannot tell if it would dry out for more extended time period.

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I just tried mine. The orange one was used recently in my tests of orange inks and it wrote immediately. The other four opaque ones have seen little or no use since I posted about them more than three weeks ago. They wrote immediately. The magenta demonstrator has probably been sitting for about three weeks as well. It has always been temperamental, and true to form it was not in a mood to write when I first tried it. But all it took was a bit of twist on the converter knob to get it writing very well again. Oddly, the cap on the temperamental demonstrator goes on with a solid click, while the others have a very mushy feel to them. So I would say these are generally quite resistant to drying out, though as with most Chinese pens you have to allow for quite a bit of variation. If you really want one that works, order five, and keep the best three or four;-)


I am not convinced that screw caps are inherently tighter than skip-on caps. The old Sheaffer Dollar Pens had a slip-on cap and were more resistant to drying out than most Chinese pens. It helped that the cap was metal, and that it was retained by the metal trim ring between the body and section. These worked well for a very long time, and if they got loose one could easily bend the trim ring to make the fit as tight or loose as one wanted. OTOH I have had way too many screw caps (and sections) that spontaneously unscrew themselves.

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Is the nib and feed assembly on the Wing Sung 3003 just a friction fit? Aka just need to pull it out. or is there a trick? Need get some of the stuborn bits of Noodlers Keng Te-Cheng from between the feed and nib.


FYI stored nib down, ink can puddle into the cap, and leak out of said cap onto the surface of desk, etc.

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Yes it is. Unscrew the silver ring first. If you have problems with the cap seeming loose once you put the ring back on, it may be on upside down or not screwed on all the way.

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