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Blackstone Blue Cypress


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It seems Blackstone inks are a product of FPN - their origin can be traced back to 2013 when some of ink-testers (Amberlea minions) started discussng powdered inks. Soon after many of us had a chance to review / try the original SuSeMai powdered inks. The powders are gone but in the meantime they evolved into Blackstone ink concentrates and recently the line called Colours of Australia was created (based on those concentrates).

Recently new colors were added to Blackstone lineup. Mishka from BureauDirect sent me samples. Thank you :)


You know that I loathe similar colors? Loathe not love? It is true. I absolutely despise then and find them disturbing.

I do realize though that some of you have terrible taste in colors.*

If you're in this group be assured that Blue Cypress behaves well. I haven't observed any issues with it. The saturation is high, lubrication pleasant. It tends to smear and bleedthrough on cheapest papers but the same is true for most inks. There's no water resistance.

*It's just a joke.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Color ID


Color range


Oxford, Jinhao 922, fine nib



Copy paper, Jinhao 866, fine nib




Midori, Jinhao 866, medium nib




Water resistance
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This is not a scented ink? While the color is not for me, I like the idea of more inks added to the Colours of Australia line.

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I happen to like teal ;-) , but this one seems a bit off-balance to me. Thanks for showing it... knowing which inks not to get is appreciated by my wallet.


If you put Blue Gum and Blue Cypress side by side, it's pretty clear that they're created by mixing the same dyes / colours, in different concentrations. Blue Gum is blue with a greenish overtone, and I'd argue that Blue Cypress is really a green (but with blue overtones). I like them both, but tend to prefer Blue Gum.


This is not a scented ink? While the color is not for me, I like the idea of more inks added to the Colours of Australia line.


This is part of the 'Scents of Australia' range - same basic components as the 'Colours of Australia' range, but definitely scented: "a sweet, earthy, woody smell reminiscent of herbs and balsam" according to the Blacktstone Inks website (http://www.blackstone.ink/index.php/scents-of-australia).

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*Vis, I generally prefer inks that are loved by pre-teens. Teals are generally too grown up for my tastes. I liked the scent of this one. Thank for the shout out.


Jam - thank you for the description and comparison.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

Create a Ghostly Avatar and I'll send you a letter. Check out some Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 

Don't know where to start?  Look at the Inky Topics O'day.  Then, see inks sorted by color: Blue Purple Brown Red Green Dark Green Orange Black Pinks Yellows Blue-Blacks Grey/Gray UVInks Turquoise/Teal MURKY







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