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Martele Legrand Fountain Pen


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Absolutely beautiful pen... we've sold two since July and they just have a certain something special about them!



izods fine writing instruments


t: +44 (0) 7464 637772 e: roy@izods.ink w: izods.ink


specialists in new and used fine writing instruments



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Thanks for the kind comments on the photo... it's such a nice pen to take photos of! Anyone who buys one will not be disappointed and they're seemingly very popular - we had two arrive at the beginning of the week and they were already earmarked for specific customers.


Have a great weekend everyone!



izods fine writing instruments


t: +44 (0) 7464 637772 e: roy@izods.ink w: izods.ink


specialists in new and used fine writing instruments



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I have this pen on order and cannot wait to for it to arrive. Had the nib changed to an EF. A week more max and I should have it in my hands!

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A beautiful pen that is functional as well. The optic barrel and cap is a unique design. A complete sterling pen including the section!

I wonder how it compares with the Solitaire (146?) currently available at some of the Boutiques in the US. The Solitaire snowcap is with the Mother of Pearl and the section is resin.

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Hi all,

Im nones MB sells.ew here. Thank you.


My Martele M FP has two greyish ringd on the cap. Hope its in the

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If the Martele had a MOP star I'd be all over it.


Ahh! I totally agree. I wish they hadn't reserved the MOP star for ultra-special editions. I have a 2011 vintage geometric pattern Le Grand with both the MOP star and an ink-level window in the section, and it is a truly one-of-a-kind piece now!


I enjoy the metal sections in the newer LeGrands, but please bring back the MOP star! That was a just a magical little flourish!

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Great thread! Nice to read up on this model. I surprised myself a bit by liking this pen so much. I do not have, but do want, a silver pen in my modest collection, and this is going to be the one. I am just a bit curious how the balance will be in my hand. With the additional weight of the material that is, as I do own a 147 (F) for years and love how it feels. And to increase the anticipation, I want to try the Montblanc nibs again...just to see if F is still my preference. Unfortunately the Corona restrictions prevents that from happening soon...

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Just ordered mine from the boutique yesterday! I've been sitting on whether or not to order one since April '20. When I contacted the dealers I initially was interested in purchasing from they all told me it wasn't just sold out -- but discontinued!!! Luckily the boutique in King of Prussia (PA, USA) was able to find one of the FOUR left in North America. It should arrive tomorrow via FedEx. I cannot wait!!

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I had inferred similar from looking around. Last seen on Mb's UK web site for £1,924 – now gone.




Glad I got mine when I did.

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I remember that around the time I decided to pull the trigger on this monumentally beautiful shimmering silver, which was in the second half of April 2020, MB decided to discontinue the Martelé. In fact, I realized that only after seeing that MB had removed it from the website. Fortunately, at that time, Hamburg still had some pieces on stock, so I was able to acquire one, brand new, via my retailer.


By now, I guess there might be some retailers world-wide that still have some pieces on stock, as exemplified by the post above, but I assume that the second hand market is now the place to shop/search.

Needless to say is that mine is NOT for sale!

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There is one left on an eBay seller I've had excellent service from...wbang8806.  It's a lovely pen and I've enjoyed mine very much, despite being a retired geezer with nothing serious to write anymore.  If you're thinking about one, go ahead, you won't regret it.

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." -Pablo Picasso

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This reminds me of work Mike McNiell of Portland used to do on old Parkers.


Hard times don't last, but hard people do.


Thank a Veteran.


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Does Montblanc have a record of bringing old styles (like the Martelé) back after a few years, or do you think that gone means "gone"?

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