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Which Next Big, Smooth Pen?

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I currently have two pens I use very consistently: a Pelikan M800 with cursive ital. nib that I ground and a PFM III, also with a cursive italic that I ground. Both pens are very smooth, wonderful writers. This is the perfect size for me, and I tend to like the M800 better in terms of weight.


OK, so what might be a 3rd large pen to add to these two? I have a modern, very slightly used Aurora 88 that I plan to sell—can't go with the play of the nib on the paper.


I can, of course, get another Pelikan, and I am open to a vintage pen. So what might be next?


Thanks in advance for the help.



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Big = Montblanc 149. You can, of course, make it as smooth as you wish for the most part. A nice used one can be found at $400 or under.


You could try the Cross Peerless 125 for something different. They have Sailor nibs on them.


And my personal favorite - the Visconti Homo Sapiens. Some people have problems but the one I have writes like a dream. It's WET and super smooth.


Also - I'm with you on the Aurora 88 - I may sell mine at some point as well as it's just tooooooo toothy and dry-ish. I've smoothed and tweaked mine to no avail. It writes great but not the way I want it to write.

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Pelikan M1000. Or a Parker Big Red Senior from the 20s if you want to go the vintage route. MB 149 is also a good option.



Khan M. Ilyas

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Pilot 743 and 845 are also nice size. Then there is the Platinum President and their Izumos. The Big Red is nice as are the Parker Centennial and the Waterman Man 100 family. The ST Dupont XL Olympio/Orpheo pens are fantastic. Montegrappa Privilege Deco might also fit your criteria. And don't forget the Delta Dolce Vita oversize. In Aurora, the Talentum is great.

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Pelikan M1000

Visconti Homo Sapiens


Sailor KoP, I like it a lot, I think I use this one the most, but if smoothness is the thing, I find it a little bit less smooth then the other two

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If you want a big heavy pen then there is the semi vintage Sheaffer Grande Cannaisseur. A pretty pen but one needs $$$ to be able grab one.

Khan M. Ilyas

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Hi George:


The "Conklin" All-American is a big fat pen that is well made, comes in a variety of stunning acrylics, and at around $75 is fairly affordable.

* The Conklin All-American Homepage at Yafa:



Here's a picture of the "Yellowstone" version:



* Here's the newly announced Conklin All-American "Brownstone" at Anderson Pens:





The pictures above were linked from the Anderson Pen (no affiliation) Conklin All-American web page:




Have Fun, David

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MB Writer's Edition - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


​Nice nib - and being metal is a bit heavier than MB's Precious Resin pen.


​Smaller than the 149, but heavier due to the use of metal - and a lovely nib.

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