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Decent-But-Not-Too-Expensive Oblique Pen Holders In Uk/eu?

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Wondering if the UK/EU calligraphers here can help.


Back end of next month it's my birthday so I can justify buying a nice oblique pen holder. But I don't want to spend too much just in case I don't get on with it.


I have the usual plastic Speedball oblique but never got on with it and I want to start learning Copperplate again.


Don't want to spend a massive amount but want something that is truly functional and maybe not entirely hideous to look at. (Story of my life).


Any recommendations would be gratefully received as I know new oblique holder makers are springing up and there may be something I've missed whilst Googling...

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Given your criteria, my suggestion would be to forget the oblique holder for now and just rotate the paper a little further. The holder is a gizmo, not an essential, and if it (or its cost) interferes with your exploration of copper plate, you don't need it.


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I agree with Scribblers too. You can buy them from the inexpensive fixed plastic(£2.40) to the adjustable wooden



I'm not sure I agree with it being just a gizmo as it gives you experience of making copperplate at the correct angle. Even if it's being done for you, it gives you an internalised sense of what angle you need to be aiming for so this will make it easier when you do it manually.

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Ah yes, by not too expensive I mean under £20... If I like it I can always get another - maybe for christmas!


Will go look at Scribblers.


Ron, I totally know what you mean. It's a sort of balance between 'shiny new thing to incentivise me' and, you're right, 'Thing I may not even need'!


Just at the very start and practising earlier, I realised I had slowly rotated my paper to quite an extreme angle - compared to where I'd have it for my normal scrawl or italic scrawl - but it was working for me... (Right handed but fairly ambidextrous - everyone else in my family is left handed!)


Also am assuming they are a modern invention therefore presumably not necessary at all. I just like new toys! (And have seen some on Etsy way above my price point but that I might aspire to in the future, if I got on with it). I understand why the Speedball plastic one is not ideal and having now read about it, think that explains why I couldn't get on with it.

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