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Elias Pen Case


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Here is a wonderful EDC pen case made over here in the Philippines.

This is sold in Everything Calligraphy, and their styles vary by season.


The Spring 2017 line is my personal favorite, was hoping to get the 3-pen in Camel,but unfortunately ran out so i opted for the 2 pen version instead.

Shown here is my TWSBI Eco, and my Pilot Metropolitan.


They come in 1, 2 or 3 pen versions, and based on the descriptions the 1-pen version fits up to a montblan 149 (14.8mm diameter) while the 2/3-pen versions fit a Lamy 2000 (13mm diameter)


They accommodate international orders via email and it is a little under 6 USD excluding shipping. the 3 pen version is a little under 9 USD.


*edit - image attachment failed


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I like the colour and the stitches; an improvement would be no leather, and some way to help pens that evaporate quicker...

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Yay! Pinoy spotted!


I have two of those pen cases: one in burnt sienna, another in camel. Very well-made and does the job protecting my pens 😁


The 3-pen versions seem to run out of stock so quickly though. I'm never in time to catch them before they're all gone. 😤


Maybe I should ask them to reserve some for me in the next season's line 😅

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