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Some Sheaffers I Got For Free (Including One I Can't Quite Identify)


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I was given a bag of pens a couple of days ago. There were several Sheaffer fountain pens in it. One was what I would call a standard school pen--the kind I used in grammar school. There's a No Nonsense. A Snorkel that I could not identify at first. It seems to be in excellent shape so I put water in it to see if it will leak. I'm pretty sure it had ink in it before I cleaned it. Most of the pens did. There was also this pen, which I can't quite identify. It has a pink dot on the clip and not much writing on the nib. The size is on the back. Other than that, the nib just says Sheaffer on the first line, U.S.A. on the left side of the second line, and a registration symbol on the right side of the second line. Can anyone clarify what this is?


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I believe it is a Triumph Imperial Model 2330...A good reference is sheaffertarga.com...What is really nice are the nibs you have with it--appear to be a medium and a broad italic along with the fine

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