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Montegrappa Cigar 2.0 (2017 Version)


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I bought the original version and gave it to my father as a birthday present when it came out. I absolutely love that pen and when Montegrappa released Cigar 2.0, I placed an order as soon as I learned about it. This is a very expensive pen. I would have not purchased it if I was not given a steep discount. I don’t consider myself as a collector in any capacity since I only have three other fountain pens: 20 year old Pellikan M800, 15 year old Nakaya Long Cigar and Aurora 88 Flex. I had several others which I had either sold off or given away over the years.

First impression

Compared to the first edition of Cigar, I think the quality of craftsmanship is higher. My father’s piston nob is ever so slightly misaligned from the body. It’s very hard to spot but definitely noticeable when filling the ink. No such problem with Cigar 2.0.

This version has no clip, but it has a silver cigar band. It makes a perfect sense. The pen is too long to be carried comfortably. The clip was really to prevent the cap from rolling away. The silver cigar band looks more esthetically consistent with the overall design.

One odd feature of this pen is the hidden cigar punch in the cap. The tip above the cigar band is spring loaded. By pressing it down, the hidden cigar punch is exposed. Turning the tip clockwise will lock in the exposed cigar punch. I don’t find this cigar punch very useful and generally I prefer using a cigar cutter, but it offers novelty rather than utility.

If this were a real cigar, this would be a panetela (6”, 38G) with maduro wrapper. It resembles Padron Panetela Maduro.

The presentation is very good as it should be at this price range. The textured outer cardboard box came with a cardboard sleeve with matching color and texture. A wooden box resembling a tobacco leaf contains the pen. Everything including the cardboard box was solidly built, but I still prefer the wooden cigar box presentation of the previous edition.

The Pen

The piston mechanism feels different. Unlike most other piston mechanisms including the previous Cigar, this one seems to have some sort of racket inside. I feel and hear clicking as I turn the piston nob.

It also feels much heavier than the previous one. I suspect that the added silver components increased the weight. I think the grip section is made of silver. The area, which was dipped in ink, definitely shows a sign of tarnish. It is well balanced and comfortable, but this would not be my choice for a lengthy writing session.

Mine has a fine nib. It's a usual 18K Montegrappa nib plated to match the silver parts. A custom decoration on the nib would have been nicer.

I like pens with some traction and feedback. This nib is comparable to my other pens in this aspect but less than that of Aurora 88 Flex. I found the nib to be very smooth despite being fine. I use Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz. There was no problem with slow start or skipping. I tend to write very fast and the ink flow kept up with the pace without any problem.








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it looks like a really nice pen, looks like it's humongous though! can you share more of the size and weight?

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Weight: 57 grams (2 oz). Length 15cm (5.9"). Diameter: 1.5cm (0.6"). It's defnitely oversized. No doubt about that. I think this really is a desk pen.

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Wow!!! That's gorgeous. I can't say I'd ever want to write with it. But I'm certainly admiring it. I can see the appeal.

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Is the pen fitted with a #8 nib or #6 nib? Does the cap has a camphor smell?



This pen has #6 nib. The nib size is identical to that of Pelikan M800.


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Wow, finally a montegrappa that I like. It would be perfect in a matte finish, but I would still it as it is. I'll have to go do my research and find out the price.



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There is no camphor smell. It's my understanding that camphor smell is from aging process of cellulose nitrate. If I am not mistaken, most cellulose fountain pens are made from cellulose acetate which doesn't have the camphor smell.


I agree completely with Four x Four. I generally find Montegrappa style not very appealing, but this pen has all the right kind of appeal to me. You shouldn't think for too long. This is a limited edition.

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Just acquired the Cigar 2017 silver with broad nib. Delivered very quickly from Elmo & Montegrappa Spa in Italy. I wanted a broad nib and could not find any else with the broad nib. I bought the Cigar 1997 with a medium nib in 1997, and the 2017 is very superior with the broad nib. I have De Atramentis Tobacco ink in both pens, of course.

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