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Help Identify This Nib Or Pen?


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Hi all.


This is my first post so I might as well greet you pen and nib lovers in here!


I am a drummer / composer / arranger and I enjoy either reading or writting music by hand, a habit that that i guess has grown out of studying scores and books that were partly or entirely written by hand.


Even now, I supply the musicians with sheets that I personally write, being original score of mine or copies of clients.


Quite recently I came across a video on youtube, where a famous copyist/ percussionist uses this particular pen/ nib that I immediately fell in love with.


I am posting two video stills, plus the entire video link on youtube, in hope that someone might help identify this pen or suggest an alternative as close as possible to the one featured on the video.


Here is the video link:


Thanks for taking the time to check my post


Kind regards,


John A.



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I got an email from the man in the film himself saying it is indeed a Palikan Graphos.


Thanks for your reply.



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I got an email from the man in the film himself saying it is indeed a Palikan Graphos.


Thanks for your reply.




Hello John,


Welcome to the Fountain Pen Network (FPN).


You do not need to be limited specifically to the old Pelikan Graphos when it comes to a music pen. There are other options such as: (1) dip pens, and (2) fountain pens with "music" nibs. I'll briefly explain both options and provide some links with examples.


1. Dip Pens:


For writing music, there are many broad-edged (as opposed to pointed-flexible) lettering calligraphic dip nibs available to choose from, most are rather inexpensive. The dip nibs plug into nib "holders" to make up a dip pen. There are two types of nib holders, straight and oblique. Most own at least one of each type. You use dip pen ink which is specially formulated to flow properly with dip nibs. Here are some examples:


* Edged-broad dip nibs:




* Dip nib holders:




* Dip nib ink:




2. Fountain Pens with Music Nibs:


Normal fountain pens can be purchased with nibs specially made for music. These "music" nibs are typically broad-flat and have three slits cut in them to enhance ink flow.


There are advantages to using a fountain pen with a music nib compared with a dip pen: Fountain pens are portable, dip pens are less-so. Fountain pens are self contained and carry lots of ink. You have to continuously dip a dip pen, and every writing sessions requires a lot of clean up. Fountain pen nibs last a long long time. Dip pen nibs are fragile and tend to wear out or rust fairly quickly, but fortunately dip nibs are replaceable and don't cost an awful lot. A final advantage to fountain pens is the huge number of inks and colors to choose from. Note, fountain pen ink works best with fountain pens. Dip pen ink works ONLY with dip pens. NEVER put dip pen ink in a fountain pen, you will likely ruin the fountain pen.


A key advantage to dip pens over fountain pens is the huge assortment of dip nibs available. Also dip pens come in two types, straight and oblique. There's nothing like the oblique holder when it comes to fountain pens.


A nice example of a rather affordable fountain pen with a music nib is the Platinum #3776 Century. The #3776C pens are made in Japan. The music nib is solid 14K gold. These pens cost around $140 USD each, but you must buy directly from a Japan seller in order to get that price (you will pay a lot more if you buy the pen outside Japan). Fortunately, there are plenty of Japanese pen dealers on Amazon and ebay.


* Here's one example of the Platinum #3776 Century with Music Nib on Amazon:




You will most likely have to separately buy a "converter" that fits the Platinum pen. The converter fits inside the pen instead of an ink cartridge and allows you to fill the pen from bottled ink. A converter is a must for most fountain pen users. Make sure your pen does not come with a converter before buying one (most do not come with converters on Amazon and ebaY, but some do).


* Here's an example of a converter for Platinum pens:




Remember, there are many many more inks available for fountain pens. And NEVER put dip pen ink in a fountain pen! You'll ruin the fountain pen. Some fountain pen ink examples:


* Just one of many fountain pen ink manufacturers:




Good luck with your search for a good music pen. Let us know how it goes.


With Regards, David

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I got an email from the man in the film himself saying it is indeed a Palikan Graphos.


Thanks for your reply.




That is impressive. :)

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