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Help Identifying: 1920's Sheaffer's 14K Flat Top Pen & Pencil Set


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I've been searching on and off for a while about a pen & pencil set I came across about 3 years back. I just found this forum and would love to figure out exactly what it is I have and hopefully some appraisal info as well. Thanks!















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I'm one of those followers David Nishimura mentioned. Is it marked 14K on the barrel and cap, or is 14K just a refernce to the nib? Either way it's desirable, but it affects the price. Condition also is big deal. If you're interested in selling, I'd also like to know more.


Greg Miller

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OK, things I can tell from your pictures are that it has a 3 nib and the pattern. This is a 38LC if gold plated and a 388LC if solid 14K from approximately 1923. Matching a pen with a pencil was a Wahl innovation that Sheaffer quickly followed and Sheaffer called theirs Giftie Sets. For the gold filled prices have been higher but, I'd say currently it would be $150-200. If it is the 14K solid set it is pretty rare for Sheaffer - I have very few solid 14K Sheaffer flattops. A set like this should bring something north of $500 in what looks to be clean condition.


Roger W.

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