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Noodler's Gi Green (V-Mail Series)


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Got a sample of this along with all the other V-mails, because I'm really interested in the vintagey looks Nathan has made. Mandalay Maroon is a great color, and dark matter is my favorite black. This is a very flat green, quite similar to polar green (but without the heavy bulletproof/freezeproof properties, though it is better behaved and doesn't stink like the polars) very neutral as well. Saturated and pleasing to the eye, it's a very "standard" color. I think, as far as greens go, I prefer waterman Harmonious green, Diamine Sherwood green, etc. This one has no special sheen, no particularly great shading, no bulletproof or even real waterproofness. I do find it to be well behaved on poor quality paper, with a small amount of feathering on the wetter parts of the stroke.


Overall, I'm kind of "meh" on GI Green. This is the first of my 13 bottles (and another 8 or 9 samples) that I genuinely wouldn't buy. Just noting interesting, but it is well behaved, so if the color works for you or you're REALLY into the notion of picking up a V-mail collection (which does have admittedly cool bottles) then there are definitely worse inks out there!


Sorry there are a few smudges, water got on the table so my blotting got messy.













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I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this ink more. I actually really like it.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

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