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Well I pulled the trigger and bought a used montblanc 146. Others on board & elsewhere all felt it was legit. Seller says it was cleaned and stored dry but I am unsure how long it was stored. So now my question: what if anything should I do with the pen prior to filling it with ink? It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I of course want to write immediately but want to make sure I don't screw anything up.


Thanks so much for any words of experience.

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I would rinse it out and see if it's really clean. And then put in the ink you love and write away!




Using right now:

Parker 51 "F" nib runing PR Tanzanite

Narwhal Nautilus "F" nib running Montblanc Racing Green 

Edison Comet "F" nib running Leonardo Officina Italiana Blue

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I would rinse it out and see if it's really clean.

+ I'd loupe it to check nib condition & tuning.


Plus if it's precious plastic, worth looking at every part to check for damage & cracking. Some like to polish it, removing micro scratches can help reveal hairline fissures.


Do all that before you acknowledge to seller you've "received safely".

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Just flush it out with water to see how clean it is. When you're happy, fill it up and start writing.

I've bought many pens from "reliable" sellers on eBay and here only to find them in bad need of cleaning. Then on the other hand I've got some that arrived in like new condition. It's the luck of the draw. Best to check it first. Hopefully, It just may be clean and ready to write.

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So again, than you for the advice. The pen came in and it is lovely, with no visible scratched or damage. Nib looks great. Per your advice, I flushed it with very little ink coming out at the beginning and almost completely clear at the end of flushing. I filled it with Diamine Blue Velvet ink. It is a broad nib and though I am new at this, it is wetter than my Sailor Fine/medium nib. My question is this: the pen does not write when first on the paper i.e. skips some. Also there is ink slightly pooled on the top of the nib, at least more than on my Sailor. Thoughts?


the pics are lacking but at my desk and using my phone. I can get better quality.


Thanks for continuing to help.






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Sorry to hear about your concerns. It's a nice looking pen. This pen is a whole different animal than a Sailor. They are both first class writing instruments, but will feel and perform differently.


As for the skipping. If there is no tine misalignment, my first reaction is to look at the nib and feed system. Not sure what you used to flush. Since there was ink showing on the first flush, there could still be old ink deposits between the nib and feed or in the tiny nooks and crannies of the feed system that water will not dissolve. We don't know what kind of regular maintenance it had. A good overnight soak in JB's pen flush or Goulet's Pen flush, may make a big difference. Andersons pens is probably the closest source near you.










Goulet Pen flush comes with a little Sample Vial included. Anderson pens you have to purchase a vial for .50 cents.

The vial looks small, but 146's fit in the sample vials just fine. Using the vials you can use only the amount of pen flush you need. Also, you can re-use the stuff over and over 3-4 times, even after it changes color. A bottle will last you a long time.

Do an overnight soak. Stand the pen upright in the solution up to the section. In the morning, clear the gunk that the pen flush has dissolved from the ink channels, as well as the space between the nib and feed by running tap water over both the top and underside of the nib under the faucet. Focus on the breather hole and slit on top side. On the underside let the water hit the wings and shoulders. Then fill a small glass with tap water. Draw the water up into your pen, and expel it. Do this several times to clear all the pen flush out of the nib and feed. You can repeat this overnight soak and flush as often as you need until the ink flow starts to free up.


The nib and feed are the heart of the pen. If you're having ink flow issues there really is nowhere else to look in a piston filler that is filling and flushing as it should. You shouldnt underestimate the value of a good soak, and a lot of patience. If you see a small change after the first soak, another may take you all the way home. Don't go all Terminator on the nib until youve done a few of these soak an rinse cycles.



Not sure about Blue Velvet, but some Diamine inks can have a pretty wet rate of flow.(which is not always a bad thing) Could answer the nib creep. Humid climate can do it too. It could also be an indication that the ink is not flowing properly through the feed system and seeping out the most convenient path of least resistance. If it persists after using a commercial pen flush, then look to your inks. All pens are different. Changing inks to find the ones this pen likes best can be fun, and give you different writing results.


Since it's a pre owned pen, I would assume for now, that Baby's Bottom is not an issue related to the skipping.


After a good soak and cleaning, If the tines are properly aligned. Fill it up and take it for a run. Hopefully it will write just the way you want it to.


If it's still not right, don't give up on it, or throw the pen across the room..lol.. There are no short cuts to getting a pre owned pen up to good writing standards. It's a trial and error process, and patience is the most important ingredient. This pen is a Montblanc. It will come around. Once you get it writing the way you want, it will last you a lifetime and give many hours of great writing.

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