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The Dc Pen Supershow's First Ever Pay-It-Forward Table!

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I hope that this is the right place to post this. I'm sure some of you have heard now about the DC Pen Show's first ever Pay-It-Forward Table dedicated to giving back to the community! Krystle Azer of SquishyInk (creator of the Hippo Noto) will be at the table as well, running it with me. There will be starter kits available for new FP users, as well as items for FP veterans. So if you have any pens or pen paraphernalia that is collecting dust, we are happy to pass it along to other members of the community.

The FP community is one of the very best things about the hobby, and this is just a way to further give and share in the spirit of ink. Check the link below for more details.

**this is not for profit and all things donated will be given free of charge or go toward the cost of the table.

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Hi! Sinister_Inklings! Remember me from /r/fountainpens and /r/Pen_Swap? Would you be partial to a donation of a few custom pen pouches? How many would be appropriate? Is there something specific you would want to see on the table? Thanks mate :D

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