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Looking For A Very Dry Writer


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I've got a collection of blackstone inks, which are beautiful, but some of them are horrendously wet inks and crud up something chronic on what I would consider to me medium flow nibs. The only pen I've found that doesn't crud up or write like a swamp is the Dollar 717i - does anyone have any recommendations for pens of similar dryness?

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Hi Mcshiny,


I avoid them like the plague. :o


But every Hero branded pen I've used, (about 4 or 5), has been painfully dry... with the only exception to that being a 616 Doctor.


I think the Asian brands in general tend to run a little dryer because their symbol-based languages require a slower, more methodical approach than our loops and lines do.


- Anthony

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The Dollar 717i could be as wet as any other wet pen. Also it could be as dry as any other dry pen. It is not the pen, per se, that is wet or dry. Rather, it is the alignment/adjustment of the nib and setting of the nib-feed that make a pen either a dry or a wet writer . There are other factors that play role in an indiuidual pen's being either wet or dry.

Khan M. Ilyas

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My Pilot Capless was insanely wet, gushing so much ink that I was experiencing heavy feathering (probably partly my fault as I think I bent the tines a little by accident when I first got it). I was able to pinch the tines together to fix it, and it's actually quite dry now. I no longer see any feathering on cheap paper that I couldn't use it with before.

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I'd prefer not to muck about with nib alignment if I don't have to, but yes - I've re-worked some of the cheap Asian pens to be wetter, but I've never re-worked one to be dryer! Any tips, besides "be prepared to get your fingers inky"?

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Hi Mcshiny,


Making a nib dryer is a lot trickier than making it wetter, but here is a video that might help you out:





I ALSO STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU BUY A COPY of Frank Dubiel's book, entitled, "Da Book." It's an invaluable resource for pen adjustment and repair.


Good luck. :)



- Anthony


EDITED to remove one link which only dealt with making the pen wetter.

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I take the nib out of the pen and adjust it so the tines just touch.

This is three of the Scents of Australia in Jinhao X-750 pens that have been adjusted like this so you can see the shading quite nicely, and it doesn't flood the paper with ink.




“Them as can do has to do for them as can’t.

And someone has to speak up for them as has no voices.”

Granny Aching

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Any tips, besides "be prepared to get your fingers inky"?


Don't be like me and choose a $75 VP nib as your first test piece?

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