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Hey guys, hope this is the right place, but I've just finished restoring an old Parker 51 and I really wanted to show some people who might care!


It was very interesting, and more difficult than normal as I suspect there was an unusual adhesive used on some of it, it took many days of soaking and heating to get it open. The jewel cap needed replacing also, and the whole pen was rather dirty. The sac was leaky so that had to go, too, and the feed tube was so corroded it snapped trying to take it off. What a mess.


Now it writes perfectly, what a joy the Parker 51 is!


I hope you find these couple of pictures of the process interesting,




(I just wish I could get the tiny tiny dinks in the cap out, they're not much and merely signs of it's age, but I have another pen with a bigger dink too and I think it would add to my service if I could repair them. I know the process but I'm not quite skilled enough yet, so I will continue practicing on other items first.)




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Thanks guys! It's a great pen. I wont be keeping it for myself though, as tempting as it is .. Parker 51s really are wonderful instruments.

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