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Dfw Pen Nuts Gathering


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Yesterday my wife and I hosted a little gathering of folks who hang out at the Dallas Pen Show and the Pelikan Hub every year. One of our group, Fuzzy_Bear, had recently done a Very Generous and Selfless Thing. We thought Fuzzy's good deed should be rewarded, so through nefarious means I discovered that the modern Pelikan he wanted most was a green stripe M600 with a medium nib. Dennis, at La Couronne du Comte, supplied the pen at a very good price, and yesterday we presented it to Fuzzy.


We all enjoyed some fine food and wine, along with a viewing of my collection that goes back 50 years. Pen people, especially Pelikan people, are fun people!


By the way, Fuzzy brought along his 13-year-old son, Connor, who has the makings of a fine future collector.



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What a nice gesture to gift Fuzzy_Bear with a M600, I'm sure the pen will be treasured.


Your collection is amazing and very eclectic, you guys must have had a lot of fun chating and looking at such a beautiful collection.

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I am still humbled by their generosity for something that I feel anyone would have done. It is human nature to help when you can help. My family and I were able to provide the help that was needed with out a second thought.


It is with reverence and gratitude that I say Thank You to those involved. Cynthia, Kat, Paul, Jay and Sophia.



That was the second pen ever given to me by another, not via PIF thread. The first one was by my father in law. He understands the following story.


He gave me the pen one day when he saw me with a Shaeffer school pen. He gave me an Admiral snorkel set. The sack was no good, though I did not know this until a couple of years later. The pen was fixed and I was off and running. In August 2010, I finally became tobacco free. 2 months before my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day of her surgery, I took my journal and pen. Except in the parking lot, the pen fell. Yes, it was run over. The pen broke, only the cap, the day they broke my wife.


Several months later, the sac was again broken. Off to repair, and the gentleman warranted his work. I decided that the pen would not be totally fixed until my wife was considered fixed, five years clean. The 2015 pen show was shortly after that date and the sac was broken again. OK. Wife is fixed. Got a new cap and the repair was warranted again. Only this time, the innards were replaced off of a known good pen. I had already decided that the pen would need a new home. It was broke and fixed and so was my wife.


I traded the set for a Parker Frontier with an M nib. It wrote great. Church camp came around and of went the kids and I. And the Parker found a new home with one of the pastors.


So that's my story and I'm sticking with it. As for the generous and selfless thing, and why it came about, I can not legally say in this kind of forum.


And Conner(Conner1352) is in love with the Reform 1745 that was given to him. That along with a Preppy and a Plumix and he's of to a good start.

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Peace and Understanding

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Woo Hoo!

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I love the stuff I'm reading here. Sorry to have missed it -- had a chaotic weekend of "family reunion" hosting unfortunately. Sounds like an awesome group of people!

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Still haven't decided what ink for it. It's had Aquamarine and J. Heroin Poussière de Lune. Nor sure that's the fit yet.

Peace and Understanding

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