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Updated Montblanc 149 Trends Table


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The essence of the post has been lost in translation but the pdf's are more than adequate. :thumbup:

Engineer :

Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.

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~ Dear Shiraboshi:


What exactly do you plan to buy in 2024?

That's six years later. Will something special be offered for sale in 2024?

Thank you very much.

Tom K.


Tom, he means the 100th Meisterstuck anniversary 149. I know I'm waiting for that too!


But he is likely not going to keep that promise -- since the 149 flex needs to be updated into this table as well! What a surprise.

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The topside of a nib is its face, the underside its soul (user readytotalk)

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Does anyone know of any experiment 149 feeds that have made it into circulation? I still have yet to see a nib like the one on mine. I know it is early 90s based on all the other parts and the general appearance of the feed. But I have yet to see a feed with a hole through the underside of the nib. The nib itself is on the flexy side. I once cleaned the pen and made sure the hole was cleaned and dried out. I placed it on the pen, filled it, dried out this hole once again, and it immediately filled with ink. This makes me think it is a hole used to help flow of ink for a flexy nib.

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hi !



Thank you for information.

Now, the table frame is full and the layout is under consideration.

Updates after 2015 are still to come.

Single information can be uploaded first.


Mr.Tom k

Maybe the next update will be around 2024-2025.

I think other parts have changed.


Thank you.


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a little update from my side:


i own 2014 ( 90 years ) and 2015 - Meisterstück 149.


no more Pix at the cap band and no more Pix at the backside of the clip.


backside of the clip: Made in Germany, metal



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Here is a little first-hand update about the ink-feeds in the 70s MB149s.


I have a 149 purchased as new from a stationery shop in 1974, which dates it to that year or earlier. I have been the only owner ever since. It had no major repairs or part replacements for so far. However, some components of the pen dont quite fit into the trends diagram:


1. Its split-feed (or two-part-feed), marked in the diagram as B-6, reportedly introduced in the late seventies, must have been put into production few years earlier. Else it would not have been installed in pens sold by 1974.


2. Manufacturing of the friction-fit piston mechanism marked in the diagram as F-2 reportedly manufactured between 62 and 72 might have also extended later into the seventies.


3. Its nib is 18-ct-tri-color, marked as A-3.


This dates the pen most likely around 1972, which means that split-feed (two-part-feed) could have been introduced as early as 1972.


Hope this update can help.

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Thankyou everubody!


Update takes time, but wants to update it in a mass.
Please wait a little more.
Thank you, everybody!


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