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8 Crvs


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Amberlea Davis was kind enough to send me a beautiful welcome letter and 8 CRVs. I have replied to them and am posting them here; I will send most of them back but I'm keeping a few of them. Thanks Amberlea!


BTW, I combined the last one with an ink of the week for M, just like Amberlea did. I will repost that in the appropriate thread.


The colors aren't perfect in my scans, but they are pretty close. I adjusted them in Photoshop Elements to get them as close as I could.










~ Cheryl >^..^<

My inks I'm willing to trade: Aurora (Black), Blackstone (Barrier Reef Blue), BunguBox (L'Amant), Callifolio (Violet), Cross (Blue), De Atramentis (Archive Black, Document Violet), Diamine (Ancient Copper, Eau De Nil, Green Umber, Prussian Blue, Sherwood Green, Steel Blue, Twilight), KWZ (Gummiberry), Levenger (Forest), Monteverde (California Teal, Fireopal), Nemosine (Alpha Centauri), Noodler's (Blue Ghost, Bulletproof Black, Lexington Gray, Polar Brown), Parker Quink (Black), Pelikan 4001 (Brilliant Brown, Turquoise), Pelikan Edelstein (Olivine), Pilot Iroshizuku (Ama-Iro, Ku-Jaku, Syo-Ro), Private Reserve (Purple Mojo, Sepia), Robert Oster (Fire & Ice, Lake of Fire, Marine, Soda Pop Blue, Tranquility), Sailor Jentle (Oku-Yama, Souten), Sailor Shikiori (Yodaki), Taccia (Cha), Waterman (Absolute Brown, Harmonious Green, Inspired Blue, Tender Purple).

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You are amazing.


BTW, I don't know that the Levenger Forest actually sheens generally. I have had that bottle for a few years AND I had it in my pen for a few weeks.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

Create a Ghostly Avatar and I'll send you a letter. Check out some Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 

Don't know where to start?  Look at the Inky Topics O'day.  Then, see inks sorted by color: Blue Purple Brown Red Green Dark Green Orange Black Pinks Yellows Blue-Blacks Grey/Gray UVInks Turquoise/Teal MURKY







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