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Monteverde's revamped line of inks recently got my attention for their comprehensive lineup of clear, distinct hues, as well as good value. A 90ml bottle can be had for about $13-$15 USD from the better known online retailers in the United States, making it a very good deal.
Monteverde touts their "ITF Technology". From Monteverde's promotional material, here's how it claims to benefit us writers:

Fountain Pen Ink with ITF™ Technology
  • Ink Treatment Formula
  • Improves Ink Flow
  • Extends Cap-off Time
  • Lubricates Feeding System
  • Improves Ink Drying Time


Monteverde Green
Monteverde Green is Monteverde's brand color, in ink form.
I have searched the FPN review archives for this ink, and have found some reviews of a much lighter/brighter green than the one currently sold. I am assuming Monteverde has reformulated this ink, so this review is of the current offering of their "standard" green.
Monteverde Green is a nice dark green ink, suitable for more formal writing, journaling, or where a high amount of contrast and legibility is desired. In terms of hue, it is very much a foresty green.
Clairefontaine paper, Lamy Safari F nib
Shading and Sheening
Monteverde Green is not much of a shader or a sheener in this test with Tomoe River paper. There is some shading evident, but Diamine Sherwood is a similar color which offers much more shading.
Tomoe River paper
Flow is about medium; this doesn't seem to be a very dry nor a very wet ink.
Again, this ink hits about the middle; the pen doesn't glide over the page, but it is by no means toothy.
Dry Time
Dry Time for Monteverde Green is fairly quick on Clairefontaine paper, about 20 seconds. On 20 lb. copy paper, dry time is a little over 20 seconds.
20 lb. copy paper
Feathering is minimal on 20 lb. copy paper. On a cheap office pad, there is a mild amount of feathering, especially at the ends of strokes where ink collects.
TOPS "Docket" office pad
20 lb. copy paper
There is no bleedthrough on 20 lb. copy paper, but there is showthrough. On a cheap office pad, bleedthrough is moderate, but enough so to make the back side of the page unusable.
TOPS "Docket" office pad
20 lb. copy paper
Water Resistance
Monteverde Green does not have much water resistance. It practically all washed away in the 10-second immersion test. Noodler's Heart of Darkness, a waterproof ink, is used as a control.
Clairefontaine paper
Comparison With Other Inks
Monteverde Green is in the center, surrounded by several other noteworthy green inks.
20 lb. copy paper
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Thank you for the review! It looks quite close to Diamine Evergreen or Green-Black, I think. They are what you can classify as "bottle green", no?

Hero #232 Blue-Black is my Waterman Florida Blue.


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Great review.


I'm not a fan of bottle greens, but I don't find this unpleasant (unlike the Sherwood greens). The Sailor and R&K samples are much more to my taste though.

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Thank you for the review! It looks quite close to Diamine Evergreen or Green-Black, I think. They are what you can classify as "bottle green", no?


Yes, I think Monteverde Green does qualify as a "bottle green". The scanner did a good job this time capturing the colors; on my screen they're fairly accurate. Sadly I don't have any darker greens like Evergreen or Green-Black to compare it with.

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Great review! It isn't really a color I need right now, though.

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Great review, ErrantSmudge! I compared it with KWZI Green #3 and they are quite similar.

BTW have you received the CRV sheets I sent back to you?


Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot all about the CRV you sent back to me for this review! Thank you for reminding me. Of course I received them. I'll get the others posted soon.


Tomoe River Paper


Edited by ErrantSmudge
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I love it. I miss green bottles.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

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