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Twsbi Eco Dry In A Way?


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I don't think it just me or my Ecos but I have and issue with my eco. I need to prime the feed about every 2-4 pages I write.

For example first time in the morning I do is to write essays/text in general and after 2 pages my shading ink is not shading anything and is a lot lighter then my letters are missing some parts like T letters the '-' part or something like that then I screw my piston for a little bit so I forced some more ink to my feed and after a while I have the same problem. I know some others have the same issues but did you guys find a solution to this or just try to deal with it.


Btw I write in Rhodia paper with Noodler's Blue-Black Air-Corp. Twsbi Eco M and F nib.

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Its probably a good moment to point out a source on nib flossing shims that you may already have in your home.


Many DVD cases have a security device built into them, often with a bar code over the top. Take a sharp knife and cut into that device and you will find two thin shims which can be used to floss the slit of the nib.

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First verify that you have the nib FLAT LEVEL on the paper, so that both tines are touching the paper, not one side lifted.

  • Hold the pen as you write
  • Then without moving the pen and hand, move your head to look down the length of the pen.
  • Is the nib level?
  • If not rotate the pen to level the nib, then test.

If the nib is level, then the nib may be dry.

Very carefully lift the shoulders of the nib a TINY bit, then test the flow, then repeat as needed.

After you are done, check the tip for alignment with a 10x loupe, as lifting the shoulders of the nib can put the tip of the nib out of alignment.


Flossing of the nib is to clean the slit of the nib, just like you would floss your teeth. It is not to wedge it wider. If you are not careful, you could damage the tipping, or scratch the sides of the slit (on soft gold nibs), when trying to wedge the slit wider.


I get my brass sheets to floss the nib from my local hobby shop. Then cut a piece to a convenient size to use about 2-3cm square.

Then I burnish the edges of the cut piece with the bottom of a stainless steel spoon, to flatten out any burrs.

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