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Pelikan Hub In Syracuse Ny?

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Short version: I was wondering if there was any interest in a Pelikan hub in Syracuse NY? If so, please contact me and/or sign up at the Pelikan Hub website: https://www.pelikan.com/pulse/Pulsar/en_US_INTL.CMS.displayCMS.206767./pelikan-hubs


Long version: I live in upstate NY halfway between Albany and Binghamton and am a newb to fountain pen collecting/buying/gathering, but not to hobby meet-ups. I have been a Pelikan devotee since the late 1980s, so I would love to go to one of these new-fangled "hubs" (get off my lawn!). After reading the information helpfully provided by sargetalon at his "Pelikan's Perch" and looking at the Pelikan Hub information provided by Pelikan itself, I realized that Syracuse is the only place that could hold a hub (must be city over 100,000) that is less than a 3 hour drive for me. (I did sign up for Rochester, but that's practically as far as NYC for me!)


There seems to be a pen group near-ish to Syracuse (Waterville was their last meeting place), so maybe they are already working on it. But if not, would there be interest in a Syracuse Pelikan Hub? The Hubs will be Friday, September 22, at 6:30 pm local time.


My understanding (please correct me if wrong) is that a Hub is a free gathering of Pelikan enthusiasts. There will be information and small gifts for participants from Pelikan. Of course, the Hub may be held in a bar or restaurant, so there may be some optional costs.


It should be organized by a local "Hub-Meister," but if no one is willing to do so, I am willing to apply to be the un-local "Hub-Meister" or to assist the Hub-Meister as needed. (About 10 years ago, I organized some multi-day large hobby meetings in various cities, so I have some experience with similar events.)


Finally, I would be happy to donate a bottle of some special ink as a "door prize" / incentive to participate in the Hub. (I was thinking of a bottle of the gorgeous special edition ink "Lake Michigan Summer" made by Papier Plume for the 2017 Chicago Pen Show, which I attended.)


Please contact me if you need more information or go to the official site (linked above) to register. I would also suggest you visit "The Pelikan's Perch" website for a clear explanation of the Hubs. (And for all your Pelikan informational needs!)


The deadline for registration is July 17th. 5 registrants are needed for Pelikan to consider opening a Hub, so let's see if it can be done!




(Disclaimer: I am not officially affiliated with Pelikan or with The Pelikan's Perch!)

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Distance/travel time is a reasonable reason for a new hub.

San Francisco Pen Show - August 28-30, 2020 - Redwood City, California


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