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Looking For Identification Of Wyvern Perfect


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Hey all,


I recently won this Wyvern Perfect pen and am looking for more info on it. There is a very feint barrel imprint which just says "Wyvern Perfect" and underneath "Made in England". The thing that looks different from any pic online that I can find, is the way the clip joins the cap. Does anyone know a model number or anything for it? Also, how do I remove the clip for cleaning??






Thanks in advance!



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I have a client - a Wyvern collector - for whom I have repaired/restored something like fiorty Wyverns. I have not seen one like yours!


As for the fitting of the clip, it would be my guess that it would be necessary to remove the inner cap; there may be a small nit inside secoringt he clip screw. if not then you would have to glue (or fix with double-sided tape) a small piece of rubber to the clip screw and rely on friction to unscrew it - a challenge at the best of times. Since there appears to be no black hard rubber present it would be safe to soak the cap - probably for a couple of days before attempting removal. Dry heat may also be necessary.


Best of luck



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fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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Thanks Cob, that's interesting. D'you think it might be something unusual?


I'll give the inside of the cap a good clean and see if there's any sign of any fixings. It doesn't look like it though...




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I looked in my parts box today and spotted a pen that looks very much like yours, but patterned. Remembering the post I looked at;


first the cap - There is a inner cap preventing access to the nut that is almost certainly there.


secondly the barrel stamp - it says "Wyvern Prefect" (i.e. not quite the same)

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Wyvern did make both the Prefect and Perfect f.ps. - or how to confuse people without really trying.

My black Perfect Pen includes the No. 81 on the Barrel imprint, and my Prefect is also black (unfortunately I don't have the cap), but lacks any numbering. Both are l.f. pens, and the lever on the latter pen looks very similar to the ops - i.e. long and slender, so just possible my missing cap may well have been similar to the one posted here. My Perfect is noticeably chunkier than the Prefect.


I would agree that there will almost certainly be a hidden nut high up in the cap.

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Thanks for your help guys! A Prefect rather than Perfect makes sense now - a Google search brings a couple of pics which look the same as mine!



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