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Conway Stewart 75, Wire In Ink Channel


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There are wires in the ink channel of a Conway Stewart 75:

1) are these original,

2) can they be removed for the cleaning/restoring process?


Longer version

A friend has an inherited Conway Stewart 75, which he wants to restore to working order. Inevitably, there is a lot of dried ink in the channel and feed that doesn't come out (4 days of soaking only loosened up a little of it). The obvious thing to do would be to knock out the nib and feed and clean it manually.

However, there are several wires stuck down the ink channel. We have removed one (it came out easily) and it runs the length of the channel. I've not seen anything like it before. My guess is that the previous owner inserted the wires to reduce the flow, and that they can be removed without any concern as part of the cleaning process. But given that it is an heirloom, we're being quite conservative and don't want to simply proceed without advice. Any ideas?


Also, what size sac would a 75 take?


Pictures follow:



Picture 1 shows one of the wires; you can see the ends of the other wires sticking out.



Picture 2 shows the wires sticking out of the ink channel.


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As far as I know the wires in the ink channel are used to reduce ink flow.

Probably the previous owner did like dry nibs.


For the ink sac, look at this thread: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/34637-pen-ink-sac-sizes/?p=319058

You can easily find them on ebay or on some online shops if you cannot buy them in a physical shop. There are also odd sizes.


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Hi Stephanos.


The wires are certainly not original, and maybe they have been inserted to reduce ink flow. That's a new one on me.


I think that the sac size for a 75 should be around the 16 mark.

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I'd agree with previous posters: the wires (surely?) must be an addition by a previous owner, presumably to reduce flow?


It may look a bit ham-fisted, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work well enough? Any obstruction will impede ink flow - and, at least this one is easily reversible.


If you re-sac the pen and it turns out to be a 'gusher' (pours out ink faster than you can use it) you could refit the wires?

I tend to use wax in the feed channel, to reduce flow - but, next time I need to reduce, I may try this method.


Good luck with the restoration.

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