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Jinhaos - Any With Fine Nibs Or Finer Nibs That Aren't Semi Hooded? Suggestions Please


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Hi all,


I've recently rediscovered fountain pens. (I used them in middle school & high school in the late 60s and early 70s). I've acquired several fountain pens recently, including a Jinhao x450 which I love. (It reminds me of the Schaeffer No Nonsense pens I used to use - wish I could post it though).


Being a left handed underwriter, I tend to prefer pens with fine or finer nibs. I can use medium nibs but I would not want to go any wider than the x450. (Not interested in italic nibs as they can be problematic for lefties. Too many memories about the problems I had in my early school years with smearing and failing printing/penmanship when I was a sidewriter!)


Looking on ebay, it seems that all the fine nibbed Jinhaos are semihooded (which I strongly dislike). Does anyone know if they are any fine nibbed JinHaos that aren't semihooded?


As well, I'd like some suggestions for which other models of Jinhao to consider. I understand from reading that the x750 is probably an even wider nib that the x450 so I'd probably avoid it. Models that are colourful or have interesting finishes are especially desirable. (I find basic black pen bodies boring.)


I realize nibs can be replaced but as a newbie, I'm not ready for that (yet).

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Jinhao, while having a very wide range of bodies, only uses a limited number of nib types.


1) the very fine semi-hooded nibs you are familiar with

2) #6 Medium nibs as is on the 1200s, X-450s and X-750s. These can vary from medium-fine through to medium-broad, with little consistency.

3) #5 Medium nibs as is on the 601s and 599s


However, if you look around, there are examples of the 599s with a Fine nib, which you could put into 601 if you don't like the Safari-style body.


Given that the nibs are available on eBay for several dollars for 5 nibs, you could buy yourself some nibs and grind them down to the width you want. That's what I did.


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What level if fine are you looking for? The currently very popular Jinhao 992 are as nrrow as my Western Fines (Lamy, Sheaffer, Parker).


Are you only considering Jinhao? What about other brands? The Baoer 801 is at the width you want. The Lanbitou 757 is even finer. And the Delike pens (the Alpha and the New Moon share the same nib and feed I think) are the finest I've tried. They all have open nibs.

Hero #232 Blue-Black is my Waterman Florida Blue.


Your Kilometrage May Vary (#ykmv), a Philippine blawg about ink and fountain pens.

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The X450, 750 and 159 all take #6 Jowo Nibs. Buy one of these three, and purchase a $15 bettter quality nib and change them out. Changing nibs is easy as pie. Check out video on Goulet Pen site. That's how you get one of these pens with whatever nib size you like.

After that you'll think you have a much more expensive pen that writes like a dream.

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Baoer 801, if you like the "Parker" shape. I use it with Diamine ink.


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