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Some Help Identifing


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I am missing measures, but maybe someone could recognize the set and provide me some details if worth buying for 100$.

also for the "golden" one fountain, any clue?

thanks all






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The non-gold set looks rather like a Thorobred (which is how Waterman spelled it; don't blame me). That's a very clear window on the section, and the barrel seems un-ambered; if the sac is new and the pencil is working... $100 is probably a little on the steep side, still, but not absolutely unreasonable (on the grounds that you'd have trouble getting a modern pen with a 14K point for that price).


The gold one is a mystery to me. Watermans in Italy frequently have overlays the rest of the world don't recognize; it doesn't make them wrong, they're just geographically specific ;)

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Oh, good heavens. He's got a blog now, too.



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